Shri Gujarati Samaj Trust

Shri Gujarati Samaj Trust

99 Golden Years of   Prestigious Educational Tradition Since 1922

Shri Gujarati Samaj has contributed largely to the educational scenario of Indore. Its 99 years old history tells the  tale of the sacrifice and devotion of the elders of that era. It has no match in   the present.

A few Gujarati families made this place their home in the 2nd   decade of 20th Century. Their aim was to earn a living. At that time they realized that their children would be cut off from the Gujarati language,   culture and tradition due to lack of a Gujarati medium school. Keeping this   thing in mind a small school was opened in a single room at the Jail Road in the   year 1922 with just 8-10 students. In due course of time, it occurred to them   that even the localites were lacking a proper school. This fact motivated them   to push the thought of income in the back of their minds and   established/numerous educational institutions one after another. Thus a small   seed sown in the direction of giving education to Gujarati Children some 98 year is back grew into a large tree with branches in every field from primary schools,   middle schools to colleges of different subjects.

At present Shri   Gujarati Samaj is a large educational organization dedicated to the cause of   education. It represents, not only the City, but entire Madhya Pradesh.   Presently it is running 9 colleges and 6 schools . The Samaj has also made its   foray in the medical field with onset of Homeopathy Medical College and Research   Center . Similarly career oriented courses have been included in Professional   Colleges. The Samaj started B. Ed. College in July 2005 and a new college namely   Shri Gujarati Samaj Innovative College of Commerce & Science (English   Medium) in July 2006.Shri Gujarati Samaj College of Pharmacy started in the year   2007.

Around 1500 teachers   and other employees are serving to the cause of imparting education and near   about 22,000 students are taking education under the aegis of the Samaj. It is a   matter of pride for the Samaj that amongst every 7 students of the University   one student belongs to Gujarati College . Shri Gujarati Samaj has given   Political Leaders, Ministers. I.A.S. Officers, successful Industrialists,   Scientists etc to the nation. Another achievement of the Samaj is that the MP   Minority Commission has also recognized the educational institutions run by Shri   Gujarati Samaj as educational institutions run by the Linguistic Minority   Community and given it Linguistic Minority Certificate. Shri Gujarati Samaj also   gives financial support to women for self reliance. Gujarati women are given   free training of Tailoring. Various linguistic & cultural exchange   Programmes are organized from time to time. The Samaj has built R.R. Contractor   Guest House for the convenience of travelers and 200 people can be accommodated   here. Shri Gujarati Samaj is also open to the thought of social service and the  following charitable services are being run by it Institutions.


  • K.H.S. Gujarati Girls College
  • Women’s Vocational Institute
  • M.B. Gujarati Science College
  • M.B. Gujarati Commerce College
  • M.B. Gujarati Arts and Law College
  • Shri Gujarati Samaj Innovative College Of Commerce and Science
  • Shri R.G.P. Gujarati Professional Institute
  • K.R.P. Gujarati Homeopathic College, Hospital And Research Centre
  • Shri Gujarati Samaj B. Ed. College
  • M.N. English Medium School
  • R.M.B. Gujarati H.S. School
  • C.M.P. Gujarati Primary And Middle School
  • Shri K.B. Patel Gujarati Girls H.S. School
  • Shri K.B. Patel Gujarati Girls Middle School
  • Shri Ghelabhai Nathabhai Patel Gujarati Bal Mandir