Language Department

Department of language(ENGLISH & HINDI )  


Department of language (English & Hindi) came into existence right from the conception of the institution in the year 1982. English and Hindi are taught as compulsory subjects as part of the undergraduate curriculum in

Varied other activities for the development of the language include

Creative writing competitions.

Debates at College, State and National Levels.

Essay/ Poetry Competitions.

Youth Festival Competitions.

A debate team is selected at the college level which represents the college at university, State and National Levels. Our students Shweta Singhal and Pinky Mishra have received distinguished awards for the same. The library is well equipped with both Hindi and English books ranging from journals, magazines, News Letters, Fiction, Philosophy and innumerable grammar and English Fluency Development (both audio and video) aids, and other reference material.

Debates and discussions are regularly held in the college. English remedial classes are held during summer vacations to help students improve their level of English.

Various Seminars/ workshops are held for English improvement, communication skills & personality development.