Home Science Department


Home Science is an applied science which draws its contents from Pure Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities. It also has contents drawn from research findings and case studies in the related fields. In order to gain an overall knowledge in various Home Science subjects, it is necessary to acquire basic knowledge about disciplines such as Pure Sciences, Social sciences and Languages.

The faculty of Home Science was established in July 1983. The College offers B.Sc (Home Science) degree of Home Science and aims to groom youth as enterprising, promising and confident young women to face challenges of career and life. Our students are equipped with latest knowledge, technology and skills so that they would prove to be an asset for any institute / organization / industry.

Special features of department:

Continuous Assessment.

Equal Weight age to Internal Assessment and Final Examination.

Emphasis on Practical Training / Field Work.

Compulsory Training in Computers and its Applications for every student.

Staff – Student Evaluations.

Counseling Facilities Academic / Personal.

Facilities for participation in Sports and Extra Curricular Activities.

First  – Aid and Medical Facilities.

Collaborative Links with Specialized Industries.

Community Outreach.


B.Sc. (Home Science)

B.Sc. (Home Science) with Food Science and Quality control.